Comrades For Comrades

As a socialist organization, DSA-LA should not turn away any member from joining our organization for lack of funds. At the same time, our size in membership is a source of our strength, and to accomplish our ambitious goals we have to fund our movement just as much as we need to recruit for it. Some of our members are more capable of making financial contributions to our organization than others, and have reached out to ask how they might help pay for the membership of others.

How do we ensure that membership is broadly available to all segments of the working class? How do we continue to fund our movement with socialist cash so we can fight capitalist trash?

The Comrades for Comrades Program seeks to address these questions by asking members who are able to pay for the membership of comrades who can not currently afford national dues. Maintaining membership in the National organization ensures comrades can participate in chapter-wide decision-making, and this process supports voting and membership status equity in our community. Comrades who contribute to our organization but are financially unable to maintain national membership should not be disenfranchised because of their hardship — a result of our deeply inequitable economy. This program establishes a consistent amount for dues subsidies within DSA-LA’s available funds, tracked by Steering Committee and the Treasurer, and would draw from it in order to fund the membership of comrades who apply.


Comrades for Comrades is supported through local dues. If you'd like to support, you can do so by making a one-time $27 donation, or by contributing local monthly dues, which additionally helps to maintain other critical work of the chapter. To request or contribute Comrades for Comrades support, please complete this form. Your information is submitted to members of the Steering Committee and will be kept completely confidential. We will be sure to follow up with you to confirm your submission.

If you are interested in designating funds to a specific beneficiary who you know, we recommend working with each other directly to pay dues through this site. Please feel free to be in touch with steering[a] if you have any questions.

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