Stimulus Solidarity Campaign

Commit to redistributing your stimulus check* if you're financially able. Help the population most attacked by this administration and excluded from the current stimulus.

We commit to supporting our immigrant members/neighbors facing capitalism’s pressures to work or die. Immigrant Workers’ rights are under attack, and we all must work together and fight back.

Capitalists want to open the economy as fast as possible, just to keep producing profits. We say no. We say our health and safety matters first. We say slowdown all attempts to force people back to work on capitalist terms. We say organize for an economy that places workers first!! Join us!

Don't have your check yet but want to support? Fill-out this commitment card.

If you are not in a position to donate your entire check, smaller donations are more than welcome! Every donation helps.

Can't support financially but want to get involved to organize and support the self-organization of immigrant communities as a central struggle in the larger fight against capitalism? Join DSA and Join the DSA-LA Immigrant Justice Committee!

*This is not a tax deductible donation.

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